Ski levels

Selon votre niveau et votre âge, plusieurs options s'offrent à vous :


Niveaux de ski Enfant

Club Pioupiou Required... Advised ski pass
Piou-piou Aged 3 to 6, I discover the ski for the first time.
Free for under 5 years

Piou-piou to Garolou : see with the monitor

Ourson : points card
Blanchot I have already discovered Club Pioupiou.
Sifflote I can recognize my equipment, I move on level ground and I slide facing the slope.
Garolou I control my speed in a sliding snow plow and I use the first ski lifts.
Ourson Aged 3 to 6, I hold the Piou-Piou. I know my equipment and do my first slides.

Levels Required... Recommendation
Beginner From 6 years old. I ski for the first time. Point card or Evolution pass
Flocon J'ai mon ourson, je peux descendre et m'arrêter en virage chasse-neige sur un parcours matérialisé. Carte à point au début puis forfait Val d'Arly
1er étoile I hold the Flocon, I do snowplough turns and I start to be able to sideslip. Val d’Arly ski pass
2ème étoile I hold the 1ère étoile. I complete a series of smooth elementary turns, crossing the fall line with skis parallel and can complete turns with an uphill swing.
3ème étoile

I hold the 2ème étoile. I complete a series of short- and medium-radius basic turns with skis parallel.

I can maintain my balance in a shuss over varied terrain.

Etoile de Bronze class I hold the 3ème étoile. I can complete smoother basic turns by reducing sideslip. I can ski using high-speed or broad turns. I get used to skiing in all kinds of snow.
Etoile d'Or I have my bronze star, I can descend by alternating sculls and large refined basic turns. I control my balance by taking off on rounded bumps.

Compétition Class

I have my gold star, I can ski without stopping on slopes with large drops, on all types of snow and I can evolve in landscaped terrain (skiercross, half pipe, big air ...).

Adult ski levels

Levels Required... Recommendation

1er ski


I do ski for the first time

Point card or Evolution pass

 Class 1

I hold the 1er ski level. I can control my speed using basic turns with skidding on gentle slope.

Evolution pass

 Class 2

I hold the 1er class. I finish my turn with parallel skis and I control my speed by skidding my skis.

Val d'Arly ski pass

Class 3

I hold the 2ème class. I can link small and large radius parallel turns controlling my speed.

Val d'Arly ski pass